Preventing fires requires everyone to be alert every day to all acts, omissions and dangers that cause fires. Help teach your students this valuable lesson, by participating in our annual fire safety poster contest.

How to submit entries

  1. Attach a Poster Information Form to the back of each poster
  2. Include a Package Submission Form with your packet of posters
  3. Posters must be mailed FLAT to:
    Fire Safety Poster Contest
    Massachusetts FAIR Plan

    2 Center Plaza
    Boston, MA 02108-1904
  4. Deadline for entries is the second Monday in March.
  5. You can find the full Contest Rules here

Judging Criteria

One poster per student / one student per poster

Posters may be judged by the following criteria:

  1. Focus:
    Is a fire prevention/fire safety message conveyed?
    Is the intent/topic clear when you first look at it?
  2. Idea and Creativity:
    Non-English words should be accurately translated on back or front of poster.
    Is the poster original and creative? Replicas of copyrighted or registered characters or logos are not permitted?
    Computer imaging is not permitted.
    Are the main ideas appropriate to the topic and presented correctly?
    Do the illustrations and captions reinforce each other?
  3. Neatness and Presentability:
    Is lettering legible?
    Is spelling correct?
    Can words be read at a distance?
    Do words conflict with pictures?
  4. Reproducibility:
    Can the poster be printed as is, or would it require some redrawing or color change?
    Are there any details that may get lost when reproduced?