PURPOSE: To make students and their families aware that preventing fires requires everyone to be alert everyday to all acts, omissions and dangers that cause fires.
ELIGIBILITY: Public, Private and Parochial School children in grades 6, 7 and 8.

Poster Requirements

  1. Submitted artwork should be on 11” x 17” heavy-style construction paper.
  2. Original artwork may be in color or in black and white.
  3. Computer imaging will not be accepted.
  4. The theme “FIRE PREVENTION – EVERYONE/EVERYDAY” may be used on the poster, but is not a requirement.
    Additional phrases on the poster are allowed but not necessary. All words should be spelled correctly and legible at a distance.
    Please provide an accurate translation for any non-English words and phrases on the back of the poster.
  5. Students should not use replicas of copyrighted or registered characters or logos.
  6. Only one poster may be submitted per student; and only one student may submit each poster. Joint work is not allowed.
  7. Students’ names and signatures should NOT be on the front of the posters.
  8. Posters using real matches or burned paper will be disqualified.

Contest Procedures and Deadlines

  1. All entries should be received by the Second Monday in March.
    Please  mail posters FLAT.
    Please include the Package Submission Form with each package of posters being mailed.
    Posters must be mailed to:
    Fire Safety Poster Contest
    Massachusetts FAIR Plan

    2 Center Plaza
    Boston, MA 02108-1904
  2. Each poster submitted must show legibly on the back:
      1. County that your school resides in. (i.e. Berkshire, Barnstable, Essex, Middlesex, etc.)
      2. Student’s name and grade
      3. School name
      4. School address – include street, town, county, zip and telephone number
      5. Teacher contact name, phone number and email address (one teacher per package of entries)
      6. Fire department contact information, if applicable

    PLEASE attach a Poster Submission Form to the back of each poster and include the name of the county on the form and on the outside of the envelope or mailing package.

  3. All posters will be judged and 1st and 2nd place county winners will be chosen.
  4. All 1st place county winners will be entered into the statewide competition.
  5. All 1st and 2nd place county winners, their families, teachers and local fire officials are invited to submit a photo electronically for placement in the Annual Fire Safety Calendar.

Rights and Awards

  1. 1st place county winners will receive a check for $200 and a plaque. 2nd place county winners will receive a check for $100 and a plaque.
  2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place statewide winners will receive trophies and cash prizes in the amounts of $1,000, $500 and $250, respectively.
  3. All entries become the property of MPIUA and will not be returned. The decision of all judges will be final.
  4. Winning posters may be used for the covers of the State Fire Marshal’s Annual Report and a Fire Safety Calendar.
  5. All county winners, and their guardians, must sign a Release Statement giving permission to use, without compensation, their posters, photos, names, county and school in the calendar, website and other fire safety correspondence, as well as, permission to reproduce, publicize or otherwise use their poster for fire prevention education in whatever manner deemed appropriate.
  6. Eligible fire departments from each of the top three winning towns in the statewide contest may receive grants in the amount of $2,500, $1,500 and 1,000 to be used for any equipment, materials, education, research and prevention efforts relative to fire prevention/education initiative. Eligibility requirements apply. In order to receive this grant, Fire Department whose town has a 1st , 2nd or 3rd place winning poster in the STATEWIDE contest, should have been active in and helped to promote the contest.

Contest Results

  1. Contest results will be emailed to all school and fire department contacts listed on the Submission Form.